The 2nd phase of registration of market participants under REMIT is ongoing

In the second phase running until April 7 or until the day of first entering into a transaction which is to be reported, the registration must be carried out by all wholesale energy market participants who are entering into wholesale energy supply contracts that are subject to reporting under REMIT. Wholesale energy supply contracts to report in the 2nd phase are OTC standard and non-standard supply contracts, and electricity and gas transportation contracts.

By now, 33 market participants are registered. The status of all applications is shown in the graph below. At the moment, one application is in the signing phase; and there are no additional applications to be supplemented or to be prepared. We estimate that half of the market participants successfully completed the registration. The registration can be carried out via the online form available at Before registering, we advise you to read the instructions.

Registration is done in two stages. In the first one, basic information about market participant are required, and in the second one cooperative relations between registered market participants have to be disclosed. We emphasise that the obligation to register is finished when all corporative relations are entered into the application. Since these relations can be introduced only by registered companies, we recommend all reporting parties to register as soon as possible and not to wait until the deadline.

Additional information on registration are available on the REMIT Portal of the Energy Agency:

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