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The Energy Agency in the Slovenian energy market

By joining the EU, Slovenia became a part of the internal energy market, therefore, it was obliged to implement a system comparable to other EU countries. On the basis of EU directives and regulations, we implemented the liberalization of the energy market, with which the rules allowing the development of competition between market participants were set. In accordance with the provisions of the legislation, the agency is established as the national energy regulator and responsible for preparation and compliance of these rules.


The regulator's task is providing the circumstances for development of competitiveness and ensuring its operation by taking into account the requirements for sustainable, reliable and high-quality supply. In order to act in the interest of all market participants, the regulator must be politically and financially independent. Therefore, the agency is not financed from the state budget, but from the network charges (compensation from gas and electricity TSOs for the agency's regulatory tasks).


This new Energy Act brings the agency greater independence, more powers, new organisation and operation rules.

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